Hello! I’m the artist and owner of AndreaVickery.com, and this site is dedicated to helping you discover your creativity through visual play.

In my corporate life, I’ve worked helping people develop creativity and problem solving skills, team building, product development, and operations efficiency. In my own business as a solo operator, I’ve worked and sometimes struggled on working on all the aspects of the business, and I’ve learned a lot. I love to help people develop their businesses and creativity, so I’m excited you’re joining me here.

Andrea’s Bio

After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on oil painting and lithography, I fell in love with computers and started working in the tech industry. I’ve worked as a tech writer, tools developer, and advertising operations director. Through the years I’ve led teams in ad graphics development, tool building and managing day-to-day operations. Recently I’ve been gravitating back to art, starting my own business, AndreaVickery.com, focusing on hand-painted jewelry, fine art prints, and other products featuring my original artwork.

I’ve you’d like more detail on where I’ve worked and what I’ve been doing there, check out my work experience page.